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How does it work?

Supporting this project is very easy. Take advantage of every time you run or walk and add you miles to support this project. This way your burned calories will transform in a donation for this charity.

To support this project follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up for free in
  2. Once you have signed in, you have two options to inform about your physical activity (running or walking):
    1. Download the RunnerSquare App (available in Android and IOS) and use it to measure the distance when you run or walk. Your calories will count automatically to the project.
    2. Use your sport watch (check the compatible brands on the footer) and once you have finished your workout, import your track in RunnerSquare, from the option Add Miles, from the website

Every user running or walking 12.5 miles (or burning 1,500 calories) per month will generate €1 per month.

If less calories are burned or less km are done, the proportional part is going to be counted as a donation.

If more than 1,500calories are burned or more miles are run, the maximum money a runner can donate is 1€ per month (12€ per year).

Only the certified calories will count in favour of the project. It will be necessary that every workout or race is saved with the GPS track (map)

The workouts with a pace lower than 5:38'/mile, will not be counted.

Logigng in you will have your personal information about:

  1. Burned calories
  2. Euros generated
  3. Portions of food collected

In you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact